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November 17 2017

the best thing i learnt in history class is that in order to overthrow the aztec empire the spanish joined forces with the tlaxcala but when the spanish came to them for help the tlaxcala looked at them and were so disturbed by how ugly, dirty and unhealthy the spanish looked that they gave them TONS of food bc they just assumed someone in that state was asking for food

November 13 2017

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me: [taking a piss in my own house like normal]

my anxiety: “what if someone slipped you hallucinogenic drugs and you’re actually in walmart right now pissing in the middle of the store?” 

me: “…we’ll confront that problem when we come to it”






anyone wanna hear some rlly upsetting music tht did not come frm this plane of existence

i can’t even comprehend what i’m listening to right now


this song rules

This is fucking dope as hell.


You don’t see latinx making horror films is just too unrealistic we hear a noise downstairs we pray 5 ave marías and run boyy la llorona can’t kill me if she ain’t gonna find me

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Some motherfucker grafittid home stuck in my boyfriends town



what’s it like to be taller than 5’2”??? is it nice? can you comfortabley reach cupboards?

We live in constant fear of the short ones, who (in my experience) will climb 4 chairs, 2 boxes, a small coffee table, and 6 oddly placed stools to get what they want

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history fucked me up

oxford was built and operational as a college before the rise of the mayans and cleopatra lived in a time nearer to pizza hut’s invention than to the pyramids being built

I need a noncomprehensive history book that covers Known World History in time periods, like “in this century, all this shit was happening concurrently” and not just all spread out so I have to piece it together like some unpaid uneducated scholar

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Why am I laughing so hard

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mantises are the closest living thing to centaurs

it checks out but dont ever say it again





The year is 2018. Your bills are on autopay. You just got paid and you still have $1200 from the last check. When you want something, you buy it without moving money around. Your credit cards are paid off. You and your friends have 2 international trips planned and paid for this year. Your parents are in great health and you’re able to help if they need anything. You love your job. Your desired creative career is falling into place and you get to take your little cousins to Six Flags and Universal Studios over the Summer. Your relationships are healthy and supportive. All of the toxic energy from the past 6 years is gone. You going to concerts, eating good across the states and your crib has art and warmth throughout. 2018 is going to be so good to you.

Please ❤


Screw it. Can’t hurt to reblog for good luck. I’m gonna need it, too.




For artists who have problems with perspective (furniture etc.) in indoor scenes like me - there’s an online programm called roomsketcher where you can design a house/roon and snap pictures of it using different perspectives.

It’s got an almost endless range of furniture, doors, windows, stairs etc and is easy to use. In addition to that, you don’t have to install anything and if you create an account (which is free) you can save and return to your houses.

Examples (all done by me):

Here’s an example for how you can use it

Great find, thanks!


Bless you!!!!

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ill take it

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medicine commercials:

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