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February 07 2018

the fbi agent reading me and my partner`s chat

February 06 2018

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Just so ya’ll know whats up.

thank you @bloomaroo i am fufilled



Anyway if you’re gonna make fun of fat men for wearing speedoes/swim suits/ect but defend fat women who are being made fun of for wearing swim suits/bikinis you don’t actually care about fat people lmao.

You either make fun of all of it or defend all of it. You can’t pick and choose.

Fat boys/men deserve the same fucking respect as fat girls/women.

anyway this barely got any notes so im reblogging it again bc its important to me


So a friend of mine told me how yesterday his coworker died on the way to work due to speeding and crossed a red light (she was late for the third time, so I’m guessing she was trying to avoid a write up). As soon as she crossed the light she was hit on the drivers side by a semi. The messed up part is that in less than an hour her table was cleared for a new worker. In less than 4 hours they had sent out the news that they are hiring. By the end of the day the hiring manager had contacted 4 people for an interview. Moral of the story is, these jobs don’t care about your ass. They will replace you in a snap. Don’t risk or waste your life trying to go above and beyond for a job that could care less about your wellbeing.

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the truest statement to come out of r/incel

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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, Pennsylvania, August 16, 1915

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The Silver Swan, built by John Joseph Merlin and James Cox, 1773.

Source: Mechanical Marvels, Clockwork Dreams (BBC)

oh wow, the “water” is an illusion created by spinning glass rods.


*Spinning glass rods for the swan robot of 1773AD

tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef, that i’m a vegetarian and i


eat leaf

i dont understand physics because since a kid i cant fucking tell what goes when an insect flies while inside a car

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The Duchess of Westminster (Viola Grosvenor) and Monica Sherriffe, England, 1922

ancient furries


ppl on here like to slander picasso but mastering realism as a teen and then saying fuck that and then painting square shit? absolute power move



how’s everybody doing

nsfw post 18+ only




im 16 so i cant even see this post let alone make it so this will have to wait two years

im 17 now only one year left til i make this post guys

i’m 18!


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In… credible…

The last words of many online gamers before they die.





I may not be a perfect person but at least I have never yelled at an employee in a store

reblog if u never did

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Photo by @shoyubkk.

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Photo by @parkresto.

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