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October 02 2017


TIL One in six men have experienced an abusive sexual relationship before the age of 18


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Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

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These past couple months I’ve started running more, and over time it’s gotten easier for me. Naturally, this is what happens the more you do something. This activity has helped me recognize that while there are many things I may not want to do, these are the things I have to do in order to feel better. 

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I took a DND personality quiz and it fuckin nailed it

neutral good human paladin (2nd level)


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me creeping up on you waiting for you to notice me vs me when you finally give me attention

you would not believe your pants


if ten million fire ants



lmao ppl love saying they respect drug addicts but i don’t see anyone talking abt the government literally putting the tobacco industry in charge of overseeing the quality of vapor products

like “lol vaping is funny” but it’s been proven to be 85% effective in reducing or completely eliminating the need to smoke. do you have any idea how big 85% is. not patches not gum and not even fucking therapy has an 85% success rate. the tobacco industry wants to fucking murder vapor products, and they lobbied congress to let Them be in charge of quality assurance and literally the first thong they did?? was make it super fucking expensive to create vape juice. juice already on the market isn’t affected but if anyone wants to make any new flavors, or offer pre-existing ones in different sized containers, costs about $200,000. most juices are made with straight up two fucking ingredients - vegetable glycerin and flavor, and nicotine if u want nicotine - and are made locally, brewed in a backroom of the store you purchase it from. needless to say, small business owners simply can’t afford that kind of thing

and this isn’t even the end of it. they will do their utmost to completely flop this industry because people are actually being able to give up their addictions in a fun, easy, stress-free way. but no yeah hahaha dudebros and their vapes. (gonna reblog with sources for all of this bc i can already hear ppl bitching abt it)

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The biggest indicator that life isn’t fair is remembering that all Japanese snow monkeys have to do is sit in hot springs and chill out. They don’t have essays. They don’t have politicians.

They have class hierarchy tho only the elite snow monkeys are allowed in the hot springs and the rest are forced to suffer the cold. They’re born into their class, and they die in the same class

I was wrong, the biggest indicator that life isn’t fair is that even fucking monkeys have class struggle




unpopular opinion maybe? but the microtransaction stuff in video games with like lootboxes/crates/etc (where it’s random and you don’t know what you’re gonna get) is absolutely gambling and should be subjected to the rules and regulations that come with that label

if this happens it’ll force valve to make a video game again

I absolutely agree- gambling in the US has an age restriction in large part because people below certain ages have less impulse control.

My little brother got maybe about $80 for his 13th birthday… and he spent every bit of it on Overwatch loot boxes.

In pursuit of one fucking skin. This was back during the very first event, where you couldn’t buy the event skins with gold, and he was terrified of NEVER being able to obtain that skin. 

So he spent every single penny he had on the game, because he’s a kid and his impulse control sucks. The whole model is absolutely preying on that sort of mentality. It’s really shitty!

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every time I burp I legally have to do a rick sanchez impression or they won’t let me see my family again

and every time we kiss i swear i could fly

August 30 2017

August 29 2017

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